LifeTrack Introduction Video

A brief introduction to the LifeTrack stability monitor concept, showing how LifeTrack tags work, and how the tags are programmed and used.

In addition to this introductory talk, see the other talk, "Vaccine stability monitoring using the LifeTrack® electronic stability monitor", from the 2nd Vaccine Congress in Boston MA on December 2008. The Vaccine Congress talk is on YouTube in three parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Note that although vaccines are used as an example here, the LifeTrack monitor and concept can apply to almost any perishable material.




Scientific brochure

CliniSense LifeTrack Brochure.pdf 

Slide presentation

CliniSense LifeTrack.ppt

Non-medical applications

Post harvest monitoring

Medical applications

LifeTrack Biotherapeutics

In Vitro Diagnostics

Drugs (BioPharm article)

LifeTrack brochures

LifeTrack package insert

LifeTrack data download instructions

LifeTrack spreadsheet instructions

LifeTrack programming instructions

LifeTrack Introduction.ppt (6.5 Mb)

Pocket PC/Windows CE

Hardware interface

Software interface

Programming spreadsheets Application software

4 parameter (freezing refrigerated, room-temp, drop-dead temp) model

5 parameter (freezing, refrigerated, room-temp-1, elevated temp-2, drop-dead temp) model

Degree day model

Cut-flower respiration model

Skinner-Larkin seafood botulism model

LifeTrack reader

LifeTrack degree-day reader

RS232 debug program (9600 7E1)

LifeTrack programmer

LifeTrack code

RS232 programming software

USB programming software


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